Official college business mail is gathered, prepared and conveyed by the UB Campus Mail Service, including:

Official between grounds business mail

In-and out-bound college business mail gathered, prepared and conveyed by the United States Postal Service (USPS)

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Between departmental Mail

Grounds mail, utilizing between departmental envelopes, must be legitimately routed to guarantee conveyance. Include a college return address if utilizing some other envelope or mailer.

The between grounds mail address design:
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Appropriate Format Example


Office Name

Building Name


Dr. Joan Doe

Relative Literature

638 Clemens Hall

North Campus

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Grounds Mail Box Drop-Off Locations

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Between departmental Mailing Supplies

Demand extra between departmental mailing supplies from UB Campus Mail Services.

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Metered Mail

Grounds Mail Services can process active letters, pads and packages utilizing a postage meter.

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Mass Mail

Grounds Mail Services’ mass mail activity is proficient and financially savvy for expansive mailings, for example, solicitations, bulletins or declarations.

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The United States Postal Service is one of America’s extraordinary foundation accomplishments. Notwithstanding being a specialized wonder, it is additionally a storied and sacred establishment. From the Pony Express to the main letters sent via air-mail, couple of things are so particularly American.

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Tormented by spending burdens in the cutting edge period – the USPS looked to modernize its picture, and all the more critically, streamline the retail involvement with clear signage, way-finding and bundling.

To this end, GrandArmy built up an aggregate re-structure of the USPS in-store understanding. A strong three-bar format framework was connected to all materials, from menu-sheets to balance labels to welcome signs to stands et cetera. This framework holds together a colossal assortment of security. Auxiliary materials incorporate emotive doctrine notices, window sticks, a portable application, and transportation box plan.

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All captured menu sheets and guarantee are real creation parts, sent in-store across the country.